La Boutique Curieuse was born from the fusion of several passions.
The one for jewelry first. I do not consider them as simple accessories but as vectors of messages, which allow you to assert your personality through their form, their material and their symbolism.
I wanted to offer jewelry with strong and varied designs, while remaining in a price range that would allow as many people as possible to afford original jewelry without having to pay a high price.

My other passion mixes gothic, esoteric, wicca and steampunk universes as well as Victorian and art nouveau styles. My influences come from novels, films, works of art, essays and life experiences and are found in the jewels that I have the joy of offering you today.

I therefore open the doors of La Boutique Curieuse to you today, hoping that you will enjoy the experience. And if you have any questions, I will be happy to be your guide during this visit.